About Liam Murphy

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Liam Murphy is a talented young graphic designer and web developer in Ashland, Oregon, a small university and arts community near the California border brimming with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The flexibility of homeschooling allowed Liam to pursue his passion for graphic and computer arts by apprenticing with professionals in the field, including a graphic designer with an internationally known  software company, and Liam’s uncle, a web and software developer with thirty years of experience. This personalized training has given him the skills to provide high quality products to clients, especially in the Rogue Valley and northern California.

The Designer

Liam Murphy
Developer - Designer

Liam Murphy is the sole designer and developer for LPM Designs.

Contact Information
  •   541-613-7022
  •   lpmdesigngraphics@gmail.com